Teaching Portfolio

My teaching portfolio (link) contains:

  • Sample syllabus for "Introduction to Comparative Politics" (undergraduate)
  • Sample syllabus for "Introduction to International Relations" (undergraduate)
  • Sample syllabus for "Intrastate Conflict" (graduate seminar)
  • Teaching experience and course evaluations data
  • Appendix: Scanned course evaluations from students.

Experience (as Teaching Assistant)

  • Quantitative Methods I  (Ph.D. level, with Bernd Beber):
    Probability, maximum likelihood, hypothesis testing, confidence intervals, Gauss-Markov/OLS (including derivation), regression diagnostics, basics of causal identification, weekly lab sessions on Stata, LaTeX.
  • Comparative Politics (Undergraduate, with Joshua Tucker):  
    Regimes, collective action problems, voting, electoral rules, forms of government, economic and strategic voting, ethnic politics, economic reforms, political transition, parties and party identification, social mobilization.
  • International Politics (Undergraduate, with Bruce Bueno de Mesquita):
    Strategic behavior, selectorate theory, spatial models, expected utility, basic of game theory, rationalist explanations of war, domestic theories of war, international organizations, human rights, trade and globalization, foreign aid, poverty, revolution, terrorism, democracy.